About Edouardo Bineau

Edouard Bineau is a French jazz pianist born  on 17th July 1969.

Biography of Edouard Bineau

Edouard Bineau

A self-taught musician, Edouard Bineau started music at the age of 14  playing guitar and harmonica in blues groups. His father, an amateur pianist played with him in Thelonious Monk alongside Oscar Peterson, Ray Briant, Erroll Garner and Bud Powell. He began studying piano at the age of 19, on the occasion of a play where he played the role of a pianist, taking inspiration from Bill Evans, Hank Jones, Miles Davis, Charlie Haden, Paul Bley and John Coltrane.

In 1999, Edward Bineau performed in various jazz clubs in Paris. During these jam sessions, various meetings allowed him to produce his first album as a trio (Exodus, 2002) and second (Ideal Circus , 2005). In 2007, he experimented as a duo with Sébastien Texier (clarinet) and produced a third album (The Obsessioniste: Tribute to the Palais Ideal du Cheval Postman, 2007), a nod to the famous horse factor and its Palais Ideal.

Edward Bineau came back in 2010 with the album Wared Quartet, this time in quartet (with Daniel Erdman, German saxophonist and his accomplices and Gildas Arnaud). This album was received very positively by the media and was several consecutive weeks in play list at TSF Jazz . The fifth album, Sex Toy, released February 24, 2012, was also praised by French jazz critics.

The sixth album, Bluezz, was released in October 2014. It includes saxophonists Sébastien Texier and Daniel Erdmann, together with the American singer Michael Robinson and French harmonica player Jean-Jacques Milteau . Bassist Gildas Boclé intervenes on a title.

Recently, in 2013, Edward Bineau performed regularly alongside Jean-Jacques Milteau in another project “Bluezz Gang”; the performances were mainly blues,  Michael Robinson and Jean-Baptiste Boclé and Simon Bernier were on drums.

Edward Bineau plays in many places such as festivals Grenoble, Amiens, Rhinojazzfestival, Jazz à Juan , Tangier, Auvers-sur-Oise, Hauterives, but also small intimate venues Timely, Sunside, Sunset, Duc des Lombards Festival Crest, Chambéry, Tourcoing, Leipzig and various casinos across the world.

The pianist Antoine Hervé said that he is a “Jazz Poet”, and many of his peers praised him. As Kenny Werner describes ” a musician of great depth… Swing that combines creativity and brilliantly …”or Steve Swallow who ranks him in the “short list of pianists who have something special to say and how to do it …to touch and the remarkable technique …”