• 2002 Exodus (Night Bird Music) Press: R10, new Obs, the world (jazz selection)
  • 2005: Ideal Circus (bird Night Music) Press 4 stars (Jazzman), Jazz Magazine …
  • 2007: The Obsessioniste: Tribute to the Palais Ideal Horse Factor (Chant du Monde) Press: R10, Nouvel Observateur, Le Monde, 4 stars Jazzman, Jazz Magazine, Pianist Magazine …
  • 2010: Wared Quartet (Derry Dol Records / Socadisc) Press: “Choc” Jazzmag (November 2010); “Clash of the Year” 2010 (Jazzmagazine) “Must” TSF; “So So goog jazz” Sojazz magazine; DNJ (web); Moza├»cjazz (web)
  • 2012: Sex Toy (Derry Dol Records) Press: “Choc” Jazzmagazine; “Must” TSF; “Indispensable” Jazznews
  • 2014: Bluezz (Derry Dol Records) Press: “Must” TSF; “ELECTED” by Citizen Jazz